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Load Banks

Software / Firmware File NameCurrent Version (Click to Download)Notes

Sigma PC Basic


  • Installer will install FTDI drivers silently if not present.
  • MSVC runtime is now installed silently.
  • UI layout improvements for small display sizes.
  • URL updates to use domain.

Sigma LT Load Bank


How to update firmware

  • 2805 (LPH500) support.
  • 2905 (LPH700) support.
  • 2705 (LPH80) support.
  • Optional temp sensor startup delay - 2905.
  • Fix issue with message rounding power rating value.
  • Various fan rotation detect fixes.
  • Do not clear LE3 outpts when in demo mode.

Sigma LT Hand-held


How to update firmware

  • Fixes to network and engineer UI layout.
  • Various network stability fixes.
  • Add ability to clear load bank event log - engineer screen only.
  • Load unavailable bit supported, used to disable load during fan rotation detect.
  • Support load bank x10 current scaling.

Sigma 2 Hand-held


How to update firmware

  •  First general public release.