ASCO 5100 SERIES Ethernet Module Downloads

ASCO MIB Download

MIB Files for SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol)

For 5140 & 5170 QEM with firmware versions or later of 987204-022
ASCO-QEM-5140.mib For 5140 Firmware Version 987104-015. Any version prior should be updated.
ASCO-QEM-5170.mib For 5170 Firmware Version 987204-010. Any version prior should be updated.

 ASCO Firmware Downloads

Please contact ASCO Power Customer Support at or 800.800.ASCO for updates to modules with bootloader 987113-XXX.

ReleaseNotesFirmware Download
24 Integrated dual TCP ports for protocol support 987204-024.ASCO
Added functionality to retain previous TCP port configurations
Voltage tile added for three phase monitoring to Dashboard Screen
Updated user interface of embedded webpages
Corrected alignment of oneline tile on embedded webpages when viewed on mobile devices
Corrected Group G amp rating reporting over Modbus and ASCOBus
Corrected displaying of 5200 Series Meters in dropdown when multiple meters are monitored
23 Released August 22, 2018 987204-023.ASCO
Added detection of devices on TCP Network with duplicate IP address of QEM
Added detection of SRAM and FRAM failure
Expanded memory diagnostic to all system FRAM
Maximum password length returned to 15 characters
Selectable Fail-Safe Sequence's time delay default value has been
returned to 1 min when software update is performed
Enhanced functionality for ASCO Monitoring System to configure Group 5 pickup
and dropout settings
Enhanced  annunciation of in phase time from Group G over embedded webpage
and Modbus for accuracy
Enhanced configuration of monitored devices by optimizing detection through
address range
Enhanced retention of Power Manager IO labels entered through the embedded
22 Released June 15, 2018 987204-022.ASCO
Single firmware that will support 5140 and 5170 QEM
Added security function to improve handling of DDoS attacks
Added auto-detect of controller at default factory settings
Added monitoring for maximum of four 5200 SERIES Meters
Added separate enabling of webpage and of ASCO Monitoring System control capability
Added Selectable Fail-Safe Sequences for methods to handle Serial Feature 17 transfer 
command when loss of upstream communications occurs
Added complete support for medium voltage monitoring
Firmware and hardware faults will generate email notification
5220 Power Manager IO names displayed in configuration screen
Optimized webpage for current releases of commonly used web browsers
Added displaying of Group G P/N to About Screen and over communication
Added counters for system restart and total IP connections to About Screen and
initialization email
Added SNMP parameters for 5200 SERIES Meter monitoring
Modified displaying of IP address during reset function to properly display default address
Modified ATS position error displaying for better accuracy
Modified DHCP to look at intervals instead of only at initialization
Modified displaying of nominal current when Group 5 controller status is 
configured as bypass
Reduced noise interference to APAC
Optimized system to handle ASCOBus / Modbus clients on slow networks
Optimized displaying of events over ASCOBus when 128-Bit encryption is used
Improved handling of the DPM write errors from name and location parameter


Firmware for 5170 Quad-Ethernet Module (Acc. 72EE2)

ReleaseNotesFirmware Download
10 Released May 19, 2017 987204-010.ASCO
Modified monitoring of source availability when used with Feature 29
in transfer switch controller
Change name at QEM webpage to display Normal / Emergency or Source 1 / Source 2
9 Released March 23, 2017 Use later release
Updated Identification and branding information on embedded webpages
Enhanced the reading of status parameters for features: 6B, 6Z, 17, 34A and 34B
Modification to the displaying of the phase angles on embedded webpages
7 Released November 11, 2016 Use later release
Increased polling functionality of the transfer switch controller
Added support for additional Group 5 part designation
5 Released March 1, 2016 Use later release
Initial Release


Firmware for 5140 Quad-Ethernet Module (Acc. 72EE)

Please contact ASCO Power Customer Support at
or 800.800.ASCO for updates to modules with bootloader 987113-XXX.

ReleaseNotesFirmware Download
15 Released June 16, 2017 Contact ASCO Power
for latest release
Updated Identification and branding information on embedded webpages
Increased allowable formatting for enterable emails
13 Released February 3, 2016 Contact ASCO Power
for latest release
Enhancements to Modbus and ASCOBus protocols
Auxiliary/Engine alarm for alerts and Modbus parameters
Adds support for Group G Plus controller
12 Released April 13, 2015 Contact ASCO Power
for latest release
Modified SNMP community name functionality
Added additional SNMP trap and monitoring functionality
Modified emailed functionality
11 Released February 11, 2015 Contact ASCO Power
for latest release
Added additional protocol parameters from Group G
Added enhancements to email functionality
Modified display of Group G and DPM firmware versions in about page
10 Released May 29th, 2014 Contact ASCO Power
for latest release
Initial Release