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Bienvenue sur le site Web d’ASCO

Bienvenue sur notre site Web.

ASCO CPMS and communication products bring out the full value of networked critical power information.

Adrian Ramkelawan
ASCO Product Manager

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Enables remote testing of transfer switches and generators
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Sends real-time notices of power system events and alarms
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Provides power information to web application and monitoring systems
Surveillance des périphériques distants
ASCO 5140 Transfer Switch Communication Module
The newest update brings advanced IO communication features that increase the usefulness and value of data from generators, circuit breakers, and other critical equipment, serving it all ASCO Critical Power Management Systems, intelligent ASCO annunciators and mobile electronic devices.

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The 5140 Transfer Switch Communication Module is an easy-to-deploy solution for connecting, monitoring, controlling, and securing transfer switches in critical power systems.
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