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Sigma Hand-held

Fast and Accurate Testing for SIGMA 2 Controlled ASCO Load Banks

Housed in a robust, industrial aluminium enclosure with IP65 protection, membrane keyboard and 4.3” colour TFT screen, the hand-held allows remote load testing with live display information showing all the main electrical parameters.

Sigma Hand-held
  • Features

    • Membrane keyboard and 4.3” colour TFT screen
    • Control up to 14 SIGMA 2 load banks in a single network
    • Control load banks up to 1000m meters away
    • No need for any pre-calculations
    • Micro USB port for firmware updates
    • The displays are designed to simplify the testing, setup and adjustment of gen-sets and UPS systems
    • Large display of voltage and frequency assist with initial set up


    • Network together resistive, inductive and capacitive load banks for non-unity power factor testing - all controlled by a single hand-held
    • All instrumentation measurements are made using high accuracy voltage and current transformers located within the load bank. This information is processed digitally, using high speed sampling of the raw data. This provides full three-phase, high speed, true rms measurements with high update rates to class 0.5 accuracy


    • Used as control in routine maintenance and verification of generating sets and UPS systems
    • Its rugged construction provides reliability in the toughest of environments and is ideal for rental and service applications.

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