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Sigma PC Software

ASCO's most advanced load bank control software.

SIGMA PC software is a Windows™ based alternative to the SIGMA Hand-held. It provides further enhanced load control along with transient speed instrumentation, full data acquisition reporting with graphical displays, real time data such as recovery times and % errors necessary for testing to ISO8528.

Sigma PC Software
  • Features

    • Supply-on-test properties including ratings, alternator, engine, customer and additional notes can be saved with test results for future reference or template creation.
    • Commissioning and verification to ISO8528.
    • Precision load control and load step resolution.
    • Adaptive load correction facility ensures correct load is applied when voltage drops.
    • Automatic load control provides multiple timed load steps including cyclic testing.
    • In built simulation mode for practicing test modes and functionality
    • Customizable front-panel window layouts.
    • Utilise with the SIGMA instrumentation system (SIS) as providing a means of measuring actual medium and high voltage parameters.
    • Windows 10 compatible.


    • Enhanced load control with transient speed instrumentation, data acquisition and reporting with graphical displays including real time data such as crest factor, recovery times and % errors.
    • Unity and non-unity power factor testing with the functionality for purely resistive, capacitive, inductive and combined load testing.
    • Results data can be printed as a customised report or exported to other software for further analysis.
    • Link up to 14 resistive, inductive, capacitive and combined load banks for combined high capacity load testing.


    • OEM test cells with verification and certification to ISO8528 class G1, G2 or G3.
    • Automated heat run tests for routine maintenance of generating sets.
    • Witness testing, commissioning, verification and sign off.
    • Verification for risk insurance.

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