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ASCO 5101 Engine Start Monitoring System

Monitor Back-up Generator Start Signals and Prevent Outages

An NEC®-compliant engine-generator starts automatically when it receives a start signal from an automatic transfer switch. If signaling wires are damaged, an engine will not receive the start signal needed to begin supplying mission-critical power. Without Engine Start Circuit monitoring and control, facility operators will never know when wiring is compromised, placing the facility at risk for an outage.

ASCO 5101 Engine Start Monitoring System
  • Features

    • Status LEDs for each channel are provided on the Generator module allowing for quick assessment of
    • system status (channel disabled, wiring fault, engine start inactive, engine start active).
    • ATS module is compatible with any contact-based engine start signal.
    • Both modules mount on standard 35 millimeter DIN rails.
    • The generator module monitors up to 8 ATSs. Each channel can be individually enabled or disabled.
    • The generator module provides two Form C contacts, one for engine start and one for alarming.


    • Uses one module at each engine, and one module at each ATS. Installs on standard engine control wiring, easing deployment on new and existing backup power equipment.
    • Interfaces with the ASCO 5705
    • 8-Device Annunciator to provide real-time email messages, remote alarms, and Internet access to critical power
    • information and controls.
    • Backed by the technology, support, and service of ASCO Power
    • Technologies, developer of virtually every major technological advance in the critical power switching industry.


    • Banking, Financial and Insurance
    • Broadcast and Entertainment
    • Construction and Engineering
    • Data Center/Colocation/Hosting
    • Education
    • Fire/Alarm/Security
    • Government
    • Healthcare
    • Manufacturing
    • Nuclear Power
    • Oil and Gas
    • Power Generation
    • Professional Services
    • Retail and Wholesale
    • Telecom
    • Transportation
    • Water Supply/Sewage Disposal

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