ASCO SERIES 300 Group G Operator's Manuals and Accessory Instructions

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FrameAMPSSeries 300
Manual Numbers
D 30 through 230 amps 381333-402A
E 260 through 400 amps 381333-403A
J 150 through 600 amps 381333-404A
H 800 through 1200 amps 381333-405

1600 through 3000 amps



FrameAMPSCircuit Breaker FrameCircuit Breaker Manual Numbers
D 30 through 225 Amps H 0611CT1001
E 250 through 400 Amps L 0611CT1001
J 600 Amps M 0612CT0101
H 800 through 1200 Amps R 0612CT0101

1600 through 2000 Amps

R 0612CT0101

2500 through 3000 amps

NW 0613CT0001


 Type Manual Number
 Group G Controller 381333-400F 


AccessoriesInstruction Numbers
Manual Numbers
1UP Kit 935149 381339-314
11BE Kit 935147 381339-315
18RX Kit 935148 381339-316
23GA, 23GB Kit 935150 381339-317A
72EE Kit 948551 381333-417C

Specifications and dimensions subject to change without notice.

Do not use for construction.

Request construction drawings from your local ASCO representative. These Operator's Manuals are for our current ATS products. For older ATSs (or if you are uncertain) please contact ASCO Services, Inc.; provide the Serial Number and Catalog Number from the ATS nameplate.