At ASCO Power Technologies, we have a long history of innovation. In fact, it’s part of our DNA. We are on a constant drive to bring new technologies and new products to our customers to help them become more productive. From paralleling switchgear to surge suppressors, load banks to communication products and power quality measurement tools, ASCO innovation stretches way beyond transfer switches.



Automatic Switch Company was founded on September 5th of this year in Baltimore, Maryland.  Its products were automatic controls for elevators and generators, and pressure controls for pumps and compressors.


Automatic Switch Company moved to New York City.  David H. Darrin was President and the sole owner.  The Company under Mr. Darrin's leadership pioneered in the field of electromagnetic design.  The mechanically held, electrically operated movement patented by David H. Darrin is still in use.


The Company's patents on elevator controls and associated devices were sold to Otis Elevator Company. The Company then concentrated on the development and manufacture of solenoid valve and switches.


In October of this year, David H. Darrin was stricken by an illness which resulted in his death in March, 1928. During the six months prior to Mr. Darrin's death, Mrs. Hilda V. Darrin operated the Company.


In January, the Company moved to larger quarters at 41 East 11th Street in New York City.  At this time about sixty-five people were employed.  Mr. Hurlburt redesigned the mechanically held movement which led to its use in remote control switches and transfer switches.


Continued growth resulted in the addition early in this year of two floors to the Orange building.  W. F. Hurlburt, Sr. retired from active service on July 1st, and was elected Chairman of the Board.  Mr. Hurlburt was succeeded as President by W. F. Hurlburt, Jr., who at the time presided over a company employing more than 300 people.


During the week beginning January 20th, the 575 employees moved to a brand new plant on 30 acres in Florham Park, New Jersey.


Continued growth required substantial enlargement of the facilities in Florham Park in June of this year.  By this time the company employment exceeded 1,000.


The Company acquired B-K Electrical Products Co., Inc. a manufacturer of electrical control equipment in January 1973 located in West Orange, New Jersey and moved it to Parsippany, New Jersey.  B-K Electrical Products Co., Inc. and Sun Electric Products, Inc. became one company, ASCO Electrical Products Co., Inc. with all operations located at Parsippany, New Jersey.


The Company established ASCO Services, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary, in February, 1979 to be located at Florham Park.  ASI provides field repair and maintenance services to ASCO domestic customers who have purchased ASCO electrical control products.  Similar field repair and maintenance services are provided to Canadian customers through Ascolectric Ltd. based in Brantford, Canada.


The Company was acquired by Emerson Electric Company, St. Louis, Missouri on May 17, 1985 as a business acquisition to extend its presence in industrial components and equipment serving industrial automation markets in fluid control and in serving emergency power markets in transfer switches and electrical control products.


The Company celebrated its 100th Anniversary (1888 to 1988) on Saturday, September 10, 1988 and held a gala Centennial Picnic for employees and their families.


On January 1, 1998, the Company acquired Firetrol, Inc., Cary, North Carolina, a manufacturer of electric and diesel fire pump controllers, jockey pump controllers and equipment for controlling and monitoring electric and diesel fire pump sprinkler systems.


On November 1, 2006, Emerson assigned its manufacturing facility in Welcome, NC to ASCO Power Technologies, L.P., for additional manufacturing capacity.  Energy Systems, an Emerson operating unit, occupied most of the facility so ASCO Power Technologies, L.P. moved its operations into the facility as Energy Systems moved their operations out which required a transition period of 18 months.


ASCO Power Technologies, L.P. Parsippany, NJ facility was closed.


On September 30, 2010, ASCO Numatics and ASCO Power Technologies, L.P. ceased manufacturing in Florham Park, NJ.


On October 1, 2011, Emerson transferred responsibility for Surge Protection, Binghamton, NY from Liebert Corporation to ASCO Power Technologies, L.P. Many of the Surge Protection products are manufactured in Reynosa, MX at the Emerson shared manufacturing facility.


On March 16, 2012, Emerson Network Power acquired Avtron Loadbank, Inc. Cleveland, OH, which includes N. J. Froment, Ltd., Easton-on-the-Hill Stamford, United Kingdom. Both businesses became part of ASCO Power Technologies’ business.